28 Funny and Inspirational Walking Team Name Ideas

Is that the ‘The Walkie Talkies’ we see out there in first place? Are the ‘Pace Makers’ going to break any Guinness World Records today? Will ‘Lost In Pace’ improve on their performance of constantly being in last position?

Let’s get down to business - the reason you visited us today - you need an awesome walking challenge team name. Look no further, as we’ve done the legwork for you (pun intended!).

Let’s face it, you don’t want to look up at the leaderboard at the end of your race and be embarrassed by your walking group’s name, so do yourself a favor and pick something you’re going to be proud of. And if you’re not here for a walking team name, well you can just ‘Take a Hike’...

Okay okay, enough is enough, no more terrible puns. Scroll on below and choose yourself a cool team name to keep you trotting on.

  1. The Walkie Talkies
  2. Holy Walkamolies
  3. Coast Busters
  4. Mountain Rangers
  5. Sole Survivors
  6. River City Ramblers
  7. Sugar Shakers
  8. School Of Walk
  9. Sole Mates
  10. Making Strides
  11. Rumpled Old Men
  12. Lost In Pace
  13. The Rack Pack
  14. Pace Makers
  15. Soleful Strutters
  16. Pink Ribbon Racers
  17. Team Hope
  18. Blister Sisters
  19. Walk the Walk
  20. Walking Warriors
  21. Team Tenderfoots
  22. Too Inspired to be Tired
  23. Take a Hike
  24. Walking Wounded
  25. Glucose Patrol
  26. Luke Skywalkers
  27. Another Bad Idea
  28. Happy Feet
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