25 of the Best Cricket Team Name Ideas

Are you the next Sachin Tendulkar? Perhaps Ian Botham? Or maybe even the legend that is Brian Lara? Well one thing is for sure, you’ve arrived at the right place for your cricket team name.

Whether your cricket team is playing in a local match, or lining up to be the next team to hit the big time in the Indian Premier League, you’re going to need a fantastic cricket team name to hit your opponent for four, six, or perhaps even a century!

Wait no longer and look swiftly below, for there you will find a great cricket team name so give it a go. Choose a name quickly before you go out to bat; if you’re given out for a duck then you’ll surely look a prat! :)

  1. The Sons of Pitches
  2. Bloodbath and Beyond
  3. The Master Batters
  4. Ball Busters
  5. Screw Balls
  6. Got The Runs
  7. Fireballs
  8. Crazed Wombats
  9. Drugrunners
  10. Master Batting Skeletons
  11. Brokebat Mountain
  12. Scared Shotless
  13. Batting Divas
  14. Ball Breakers
  15. Roadrunners
  16. Tireless Runners
  17. Ball Burners
  18. Crick-IT
  19. Flamin ballers
  20. SuperSixers
  21. Balls of Fire
  22. Hit and Run
  23. Running On Empty
  24. Smashers
  25. Will Run For Beer
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