Team Name Ideas & Tips To Create Team Names

Whether you want to sound menacing to the opposition, tell the world where your fantasy team hails from, or you just want to fill the room with laughter at your local pub quiz, the perfect team name really can make a difference. Here at, we are trying to help you out by giving a few inspiring tips and ideas to make things a little easier.

  • Inspiration and Ideas for Team Names

    • Color

      Try prepending your favourite color to another word to create a name. A few examples of this include...Black Widows, Red Hot Oompa-Loompas, Pink Panthers, Green Street Elite.

    • City/State

      The use of a city or state name is often used in the use of real world wide team names such as the New York Yankees, Orlando Magic, or Dallas Cowboys. You can adopt a similar approach when naming your team, possibly using your own state, city, town, or smaller suburbs. A few fictional examples include... New York Mavericks, Los Angeles Lightning, Boston Buccaneers. The random team name generator will help you to generate a team name based on your location.

    • Country

      Are you proud of your country? Try naming your team after your country, some examples for ideas include... American All-stars, British Lions, Canadian Crunchers.

    • Music

      Certain group or band names may work well as part of a team name. Although not very original, the following examples could be used in a team name... The Killers, The Eagles, The Beach Boys, The Police.

    • Worldwide Team Names

      There are thousands of real world team names around the world, this is a good place to start looking for your own team name. For inspiration, try looking through our directory of real team names.

    • Famous Sports Stars

      Many people like to incorporate their favorite sports stars into their fantasy team names. Try including names such as Favre, Jordan, Beckham or Woods into your team name.

    • Animals

      The use of an animal within a team name is a popular option. Some examples include Black Widows, Delta Ducks, and White Tigers.

    • Numbers

      There are some famous real world team names that use numbers in their name, such as the San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia 76ers. You could adopt a similar approach by choosing your own number and incorporating into your fantasy team name.

  • Team Name Tools offers a number of tools to assist with you finding your team names:

  • Create a Team Name Shortlist allows you to compile your own shortlist of fantasy team names so that you can compare and narrow your choice down at a later stage. We also allow our registered users to save their team names to their account for the next time that you require a team name.

  • Get Feedback on Your Team Name

    Ask for feedback from your friends/family. You may think that you have found the perfect team name, but it's always wise to have a second or third opinion. This may also help identify any confusion or misinterpretation that can occur.

  • Keep Your Team Name Original

    Unique, innovative and original sounding team names gain the most attention and are the most memorable. Keep your name original and make people remember.

  • Worth Considering…

    • Take care not to include words in your team name that may result in you being removed from the competition, or that may offend any other individuals. This may include references of an adult nature, or the use of racially oriented or discriminatory language.
    • Try not to choose a team name that is very similar to one of your competitors team names. Others may confuse you with a team name, and your team wont be recognised for having an original team name.
    • Ensure that all of your team members are happy with your chosen team name, and ideally you should all input your ideas when creating your team name. After all you are a team, teamwork is a given!