Beer Pong Team Names

We'll make the assumption that given you’ve successfully reached this page, you're most likely sober enough to perhaps win a game of beer pong.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having an awesome beer pong team name. If you’re going to win, or at least if you think you’re going to win, then you may as well set yourself up for success so that you can look back at your sunken opponents with pride before sinking another ale or two!

So let’s talk no more, whether you’re after a great beer pong team name (or any drinking team name!), glug back another mouthful of your favorite juice, before choosing yourself a team name from the list below.

Tip: If beer isn’t quite your thing, perhaps you could enhance the game with a little Russian influence, and make a minor amendment with the replacement of beer with vodka (i.e. vodka pong).

Reminder:Beer pong can be fun, but please drink responsibly. Water and soft drinks are great alternative options.

  1. The Beer View Mirrors
  2. Here for Beer
  3. Designated Drinkers
  4. Yager Bombers
  5. No Fear for Beer
  6. Intoxicated
  7. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
  8. Beer Burrrrrp
  9. Raging Alcoholics
  10. Smarty Pints
  11. The Plastered Penguins
  12. The Alcoholocaust
  13. Alcohooligans
  14. Alco Holics
  15. Gin'll Fix It
  16. Beer Pressure
  17. Scared Shotless
  18. Hot Dogs Cold Beer
  19. Blood, Sweat and Beers
  20. Bad News Beers
  21. 2 Guys 10 Cups
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