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  1. Coast Busters

  2. Cuban Raft Riders

  3. Cunning Stunts

  4. Cow Tipping Dwarfs

  5. Crack-Smoking Monkeys

  6. Club Foot

  7. Cranium Krusherz

  8. Carpet Munchers

  9. Cavemen Mafia

  10. Crazy Chipmunks

  11. Advertisement
  12. Crash Test Dummies

  13. Cant Score Wont Score

  14. Chocolate Orange Penguins

  15. Classy Cleats

  16. Crazed Mud Puppies

  17. Chattanooga Flowmasters

  18. Cali Crush

  19. Condors

  20. Crazed Wombats

  21. Crimson Tides

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