Crossfit Team Names

What better way to motivate you and your workout buddies than to acquire yourselves an awesome CrossFit team name. Getting fit and staying at the top of your game can be difficult at the best of times, so any quick wins on the way are a welcome bonus! That’s why we recommend you get yourselves a great CrossFit team name - it can help drive you to the next level and help you feel like more of a single unit working together.

So whether you fancy yourselves as the ‘Banging Pistols’, ‘Kettle Bell Swingers’, ‘Legs Miserable’, or something completely different, we have a whole bunch of cool CrossFit team names for you to pick from. Scroll on below to see the full list, and when you’re done with picking your team name, get back into the box for a quick WOD!

  1. Box Jumpers
  2. Rowing Pains
  3. Snatch and Thruster!
  4. Legs Miserable
  5. Air Squatters
  6. Jacked In The Box
  7. Paleo and Pukers
  8. The Squatting Dead
  9. Pistol Power
  10. In The Box
  11. Banging Pistols
  12. Thruster Kings
  14. Kettle Bell Swingers
  15. Snatch it!
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