Fantasy Team Names

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  1. Nutz N Boltz

  2. The Cheeky Monkeys

  3. Dream Team

  4. Rowdy Rascals

  5. Dynamo Chicken Kiev

  6. Dangerous Divas

  7. Army of Darkness

  8. The Sharpshooters

  9. Cavemen Mafia

  10. The Crazy Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders

  11. The Fruit Loops

  12. Killer Tofu

  13. Karate Kicking Kangaroos

  14. Pink Fluffy Monsters

  15. Schoolyard Bully Beaters

  16. Strike Force

  17. Daring Ducks

  18. Snakes On A Field

  19. Midget Executioners

  20. Pink Panthers of Death

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