This category contains selected names that are suitable for paintball team names, as suggested by our administrators and your fellow paintball fans. Browse through our paintball team names, and find yourself a funny, creative, cool paintball team name, perfect to give yourself a headstart, and get you noticed infront of your competition. Submit your own paintball team names for other members to vote on, or vote on the other paintball team names that others have sent in.

Paintball Team Names

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Paintball Team Names
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Paintball Wizards
The Sharpshooters
Shooting Stars
The Razzle Dazzlers of Fantazzmagazzles
Night Time Ninjas
Cold Blooded Painters
Color Me Happy
Ready Aim Splat
Target Painters
Team Rainbow
Friendly Fire
Paintball Junkies
Paint the Town
Paint Bombs
Triple Threat
Click Click Splat
Full Spectrum
Paint Bandits
Triple Targets
Splat Squad