A Day’s Adventure at the Super Bowl XLVI’s NFL Experience

Here at TeamNames.net, we’re dedicated to providing our fans with first-hand coverage of major sporting events such as Super Bowl XLVI, so we spared no expense and sent our new intern (because we fired the last one after he filed this lousy report) to Indianapolis in the company jet (seen here) with a few bucks in his pocket.  Here’s his report:

When visiting Indianapolis for the Super Bowl XLVI festivities, the NFL Experience is a can’t-miss attraction.  It’s housed within the Indiana Convention Center, and it contains countless exhibits and activities that any football fan will enjoy.

The most popular exhibit is the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  You can get right up close to the $50,000 sterling silver prize for the Super Bowl winner between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, snap some photos of it, and have your picture taken by the NFL while standing next to it.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

When you’re done ogling the trophy, check out the display of Super Bowl rings.  Now that is some serious bling!  There’s also a great display of official game balls from Super Bowls of the past, as well as a large display of historical jerseys, helmets, and equipment brought in from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It’s pretty amazing to see the old leather “helmets”—and I use that term very loosely—that NFL players used to wear.  You might as well just strap a thin steak on your head for all the protection you’d get from those old helmets.

History of Professional Football 1869-1919History abounds in the NFL Experience.  You can learn about the history of professional football dating back to 1869, all the way up to the present day.  They even have a display that reminded me of TeamNames.net’s fantasy team names generator, where you learn how each NFL team got its name.  In fact, I think the NFL copied TeamNames.net.  But when I started yelling “Copyright infringement!” at the top of my voice, my protests were met by an escort away from the display by a very large Indiana state trooper.

There were Indianapolis Colts players and cheerleaders giving out free autographs, there was a locker room display of all of this year’s Pro Bowl players, and you could watch a real Colts equipment manager assemble a football and a helmet for game day.  The amount of care and detail that goes into something as simple as a football is amazing.

Colts defensive back Antoine Bethea signing autographs for fans.

Head over to the NFL Command Center exhibit, get under the hood like an NFL referee, and make the call yourself on an instant replay.  Watch some video of a play in an NFL game.  Was that a penalty or not?  Where do you spot the ball?  They stop just short of having 60,000 fans boo you when you make an unpopular call, so that’s pretty thoughtful of them.

For kids and adults alike, there are all sorts of skills tests to participate in.  See how well you can pass, punt, and kick. Try to complete a pass to a moving receiver with a linebacker jumping up to block the throw.  Kids can learn some basic football skills and then play a game of flag football with an NFL player in the league’s Play 60 program.  Run an obstacle course.  Get your sprints timed.  There are countless activities there to bring the NFL experience to life.

Super Bowl XLVIs NFL Experience Activities

The first aid station there is really nice, too, and they do a great job of treating a pulled hamstring, a twisted ankle, cramps, hyperventilation, and uncontrollable sobbing all at the same time.  At least … um … that’s what I’ve heard.  (I really need to get on TeamNames.net’s group insurance plan.)

It’s a football fan’s paradise, and you could spend hours in there.  In fact, I did.  If you’re anywhere near Indianapolis—and the city is within a day’s drive of 70 percent of the U.S. population—make it a point to get down to the Circle City and enjoy the NFL Experience and everything else the city has to offer in celebration of Super Bowl XLVI.

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